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The 2009 Segue Russian River Sinigiani Vineyard Pinot Noir has my handprints all over it. For the first time I did not buy another grower’s grapes. I grew my own. Letting someone else make all the viticulture decisions was never a first choice for me. But as a small boutique winemaker I didn’t have the muscle of larger wineries to dictate the growing methods or harvesting schedule that I wanted. Then a vineyard with Dijon and Pommard clones (115, 667,777) became available to lease near the custom crush winery where I produce Segue, and I jumped at the change.

In 2009, after many struggles and setbacks, its vines sang out in September with a chorus of beautiful berry notes—dark cherry, plum, and more, while delivering dense clusters laden with concentrated flavors. Hand-pruning and trellising 3000 vines while whacking weeds between rows—all of that arduous labor paid dividends and was fully rewarded when the clusters delivered their gifts. A year’s meticulous work evolved into fruit that produced full-bodied, beautifully balanced and delicious wine. It only happens once or twice a decade.  Growing conditions have to be perfectly in harmony with thin-skinned, temperamental pinot noir grapes from early spring to fall, as they were 2009.

Also, because of my lease arrangement, I was able to control the cost of my grapes, and lower the Segue Sinigiani retail price by more that 25 percent from previous Segue vintages. Enjoy!

Segue’09 RRV Sinigiani Pinot Noir Data Sheet

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