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** 91 SEGUE Russian River Valley 2005

It starts with distinctive red cherry fruit smells and picks up plenty of rich crème brûlée and sweet smoke notes as it airs. Its balanced, supple feel on the palate and its pleasingly round, lengthy, slightly firm finish assures a bit of improvement with cellaring. OBI$42.00
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94 Points SEGUE ‘06 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir
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Hi Stephen,

I just wanted to let you know how big a hit your 2005 Segue is. I brought the last bottle I had over to a friends house. He and his wife are California Cab addicts. I usually bring a few bottles over and at the end of the night we rate the bottles from best to worst and have a pretty lively dialogue over our choices. One of my friends wifes friends came over too so it was four people judging. Your bottle was up against:
1997 BV Cab Reserve (George De La Tour)
1999 Beringer Cab Reserve
2004 Jason Bordeaux Blend (Pahlmeyer)
2001 California Cab who's name escapes me.

Just wanted to let you know that for the record (mind you, the four of us are not masters of wine) all four picked your wine as wine of the night pretty much hands down. The main theme I kept hearing from everyone was "how different it was from anything else they had drank from California before". Great job. Can't wait for the 2006.



Oh my god!  I was invited to a birthday dinner last night for one of my co-garagistas…  I initially brought over a yummy 99 Blue Rock cab based on the wife telling me we would be having MEAT. However, when I arrived the birthday boy (man) showed me the beautiful salmon he was prepping for the grill. I rushed home (next door!), grabbed a Segue and immediately decanted…  It was eyes-roll-back-in-the-head drop dead gorgeous.  Or, in proper critic language, it didn’t suck!
Now I wish I would’ve bought more!
Congratulations. You done good.

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